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A secure and innovative platform revolutionizing wine and spirits trading, providing users with access to an extensive selection of bottles from around the world, transparent pricing data, and a global community of like-minded enthusiasts.

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What is BAXUS?

BAXUS is the secure way to trade wine and spirits. Harnessing the power of blockchain technology to give users proof of ownership, authentication, and a safe storage solution, ensuring complete peace of mind for every transaction.

What is tokenization on BAXUS?

Tokenizing an object is like getting a secure digital ticket that tracks its ownership and provenance. These tokens (NFTs) provide unbroken visibility over their lifetime, publicly following their owner or owners to track provenance and prove ownership. Buying or selling bottles becomes a simple matter of exchanging NFTs, while the corresponding real bottles remain safe in our vault.

What fees does BAXUS charge?

Once you have a collection in our vault, intake, storage and insurance is free for your first two years. We charge a one-time fee of $20 per asset for authentication, scanning, and NFT minting. When you sell on BAXUS, we charge a 10% sellers fee with no buyer's premium. Shipping fees and duties are charged only upon redemption.

Do I need a digital or crypto wallet to trade on BAXUS?

No you do not need a crypto wallet to trade on BAXUS. All NFTs are priced in USD and we offer many ways to pay, including credit card, ACH, wire transfer, and crypto.

How do I gain access to the marketplace?

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