BAXUS 30 Under 30

BAXUS 30 Under 30


'tis the season for all kinds of lists so we thought we'd curate the 30 under 30 list that you've all been waiting for. 30 of our favorite bottles of incredible whiskey - all 30 years old or younger.

From Japan to Ireland and Scotland to America, there is a celebration of liquid from all corners of the world here and something to suit every whiskey drinker.

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Hibiki 30 year

Suntory continues to dazzle, and the Hibiki 30 Years Old stands as the pinnacle of excellence among its bottles. Acknowledged at the International Spirits Challenge in 2004, 2006, and 2008, it clinched the esteemed title of “World’s Best Blended Whisky” at the World Whiskies Award in 2007 and 2008. With a blend of grain and malt whiskies aged for 30 years and beyond, each dram is a journey into unparalleled perfection.

PVW ORVW 25 Year Decanter - 2017

Savor the exceptional craftsmanship of PVW ORVW 25 Year Decanter - 2017, a bourbon that reflects generations of distilling mastery. Produced through the most meticulous and expensive distilling methods, each limited edition bottle is cradled in a handmade glass decanter from Glencarin Crystal Studio, individually numbered and adorned with a silver stopper. With a predominant yet balanced oak profile characteristic of a well-aged wheated bourbon, this expression captivates with sweet sugars, intricate flavor complexity, and a proof point that hits the sweet spot. Indulge in the perfection of this 25-year-old masterpiece.

Heaven Hill Whisky Jewbilee 25 yr

Indulge your senses in a symphony of aromas—marzipan, maraschino cherries, vanilla, and a subtle hint of dill pickle brine. As it unfolds on the palate, relish the interplay of cinnamon and nutmeg, charred sticks, brown sugar, and barbecued fennel. The journey concludes with a long and warming finish, where sweetness takes the forefront, gently balanced by a delightful savory note lingering at the back.

PVW 23 year Cask Strength Decanter

Indulge in the extraordinary with this audacious 23-year-old bourbon, distilled in 1986 at the renowned Van Winkle distillery and exclusively bottled in 2009 for the Family Selection in a breathtaking limited edition crystal decanter. Breaking tradition, this stands as one of only 1200 sets ever released. Each meticulously crafted crystal decanter is individually hand engraved and numbered, presented in a luxurious solid wood, leather-lined case with two Glencairn glasses and a signed Certificate of Authenticity by company President, Julian P. Van Winkle III. Experience the pinnacle of bourbon rarity and craftsmanship.

PVW Pappy 23 year - 2007

Crafted with utmost care and an expensive distilling process, this exceptional whiskey reaches new heights. Carefully chosen from the warehouse core, these barrels aged an additional three years, enhancing their extraordinary character. Best savored neat, for any dilution risks diminishing the unique essence of this signature whiskey.

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BAXUS 30 Under 30

'tis the season for all kinds of lists so we thought we'd curate the 30 under 30 list that you've all been waiting for. 30 of our favorite bottles of incredible whiskey - all 30 years old or younger.

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