BAXUS stands committed to transparency and integrity in the world of wine and spirits trading.

BAXUS employs a meticulous two-tier authentication process to ensure the integrity and authenticity of every bottle that enters our secure vaults

Human Expertise

Our dedicated team of wine and spirits connoisseurs conducts in-depth inspections, utilizing their extensive knowledge to scrutinize each bottle.

AI Authentication

We've integrated a machine learning system into our process, which scans and analyzes extensive datasets, cross-referencing bottle details, provenance, and historical information to identify bottles needing expert review.

Superior Authenticity

The synergy of human expertise and advanced AI technology ensures the highest standards of authenticity, instilling confidence in the quality and provenance of assets stored in our vault.


Explore our marketplace to get your hands on an incredible selection of both rare and classic bottles

Buffalo Trace Distillery

$ 10.30 USD

Macallan Concept 3

$ 10.00 USD

SMWS 138.5

$ 11,111.00 USD

Balvenie 15 yr Madeira

$ 40,000.00 USD