Château Les Carmes Haut-Brion

Introducing a groundbreaking partnership between BAXUS and Maison Ginestet, bringing you the exclusive opportunity to acquire some of the extraordinary and rare Elements collection from Château Les Carmes Haut-Brion.

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All BAXUS users gain exclusive access to cask ownership through the BAXUS Maarketplace, offering you the opportunity to own and experience the world of whisky like never before.

Loch Lomond (G) Sherry

BTT '19

Bardstown 51/45/4

BBL '22

Speyside 1F

BBL '20

Cask ownership

If I buy a cask, where is it stored?

Our affiliated distilleries and barrel warehousing facilities are reliable cask storage partners, ensuring your cask is securely stored in an insured and regulated cask storage space.

Who am I buying the cask from?

At this stage, BAXUS supports Distillery to Consumer sale. Peer-to-peer and fractional cask ownership are coming soon!

Is there a contract involved with cask ownership?

Yes, there is a contract involved with cask ownership. Contracts must be drafted in accordance with relevant state or national laws to ensure security and define the terms of the agreement, providing a transparent and reliable experience for BAXUS users.

How can I assure that my cask is insured if anything happens to it?

All barrels on the BAXUS platform are part of comprehensive agreements that ensure every listed barrel has clear storage terms and insurance for the duration of ownership.