Lending with BAXUS

Introducing BAXUS Lending - a groundbreaking solution that transforms illiquid assets into liquidity through innovative peer-to-peer loans, backed by the strength of institutional lending facilities. Unlock the value of your collectible bottles and casks like never before, enabling you to access funds while your assets appreciate in value. Experience a new level of financial flexibility and seize opportunities with BAXUS Lending.

Our Partner Lenders

Bridgesplit is an asset-based lending marketplace that enables businesses and inviduals to access financing collateralized by tokenized, esoteric assets. This type of collateral is underserved in both traditional and decentralized finance. BAXUS has partnered with Bridgesplit to enable BAXUS users to borrow and lend against their collections of casks and bottles.

Unlock stands as an innovative platform in the Solana ecosystem, offering unparalleled flexibility in NFT-collateralized loans. BAXUS and Unloc are working together to facilitate bottle and cask owners to borrow cryptocurrencies against their underlying NFTs, carving a distinct and pioneering path in the realm of decentralized finance.

Can I trade, redeem, or sell my asset if it has a loan against it?

No, if an asset has an outstanding loan it is frozen on the BAXUS platform and cannot be traded or redeemed. Only once a loan has been fully repaid can the asset be redeemed, sold, or transferred.

What happens if I default on my loan payments?

If you default on your loan payments and do not make the necessary payments prior to the expiration of your grace period, as set forth in the initial and agreed upon loan terms, the asset is transferred into the account of the lender. For more information, please review the relevant lending site Terms and Conditions directly.

Who sets the terms for the loans?

Each approved lender has the ability to offer terms against an asset, it is up to the owner of the asset to determine whether or not to accept the loan and the associated loan terms. For more information, please review the relevant lending site Terms and Conditions directly.